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And yet, the government of Azerbaijan has stated with regard to flights going into Stepanakert Airport, that they envision the physical destruction of airplanes landing in that territory.
I had the privilege to be present in Artsakh many times during the decade of the struggle for freedom and self-determination, working as a volunteer doctor at the military hospital in Stepanakert, the children's hospital and elsewhere, helping the 'fedayin' defence soldiers and the population.
But Stepanakert, which is excluded from the Minsk process, disagrees with at least two of the provisions of the Madrid principles: it insists that the NKR's independence is non-negotiable and that progress toward a comprehensive peace agreement is contingent on returning the NKR to the negotiating table.
Stepanakert has been rebuilt, with financial support from Armenia and the huge Armenian diaspora, and now resembles an ordinary, provincial post-Soviet town.
I had to admit that I had never heard of that word, and from the highway signs to maps to written accounts of the war, I had only ever seen the name Stepanakert. "Henkendi was the old Azeri-Turkic name of the capital, but the Soviets changed it to Stepanakert in the 1920s," I was advised.
"But they still did," he says, pointing to the rows of photographs at the exhibit inside the Stepanakert museum documenting historical Armenian lands within Azerbaijan control where the fate of many of their churches are unknown.
The initiative aims to limit Bakus ability to act upon its standing threat to shoot down civilian aircraft operating out of Artsakhs Stepanakert Airport.
TheAzerbaijani Economy Ministry noticed the appeal of "Stepanakert cognac factory," operating in the Armenia-occupied Azerbaijani city of Khankendi, for participation in the exhibition, the Ministry informed on February 7.
The Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uruguay, Jorge Orrico, on Wednesday paid a visit to Stepanakert
Later in 1991, in October, Azerbaijan announced that it would end the status of autonomy conferred upon Karabakh when it was made an oblast, and would rename Karabakh's capital city Stepanakert with a Turkish name.
Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan who is in Stepanakert with an official visit met the President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan.