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(until 1921, Stepantsminda), an urban-type settlement, the administrative center of Kazbegi Raion, Georgian SSR. Situated at the foot of Mount Kazbek on the upper course of the Terek River; elevation 1, 750 m.

Kazbegi is on the Georgian Military Road 46 km south ofOrdzhonikidze. The settlement is the site of the bottling plant forKazbegi Mineral Water (Narzan type) and of the A. KazbegiMuseum of Local Lore. Ascents to the summit of Mount Kazbekbegin in Kazbegi. A cable railway runs from Kazbegi to Sameb.There is a tourist center near Kazbegi.

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It serves as the main transport artery for the mtskheta mtianeti region, and spans quite diverse and spectacular terrain, from the historic capital of georgia (mtskheta) northto stepantsminda in the greater caucasus mountains.
Meanwhile, tourism accounts for around 7% of Georgia's gross domestic product, with the North-South Corridor towns of Gudauri and Stepantsminda among the country's prime destinations.
Up north, there's a particularly dramatic one called the Fifth Season, in the mountains near Stepantsminda. And in Sighnaghi, the ever-popular Zandarashvili guesthouse is run by two brothers - their evening dinners are legendary, with speeches and endless quantities of wine.
Also, changes are planned on the section of the Kvesheti-Kobi road, which will be part of the Mtskheta Stepantsminda Lars highway of international importance.
Commissioning dates for cross-border transmission projects were revised to 2020 from 2018 for 400kV line Marneuli (Armenia) and 154kV line Batumi-Muratli (Turkey), to 2021 from 2020 for 400kV line Akhaltsikhe-Tortum (Turkey) and to 2023 from 2021 for 500kV line Stepantsminda (Russ ia).

The charming valley town of Kazbegi (now officially known as Stepantsminda) offers views of rolling snow- capped peaks with a plethora of colourful flowers adorning the mountainside.
Stepantsminda, a small town 157 km (98 mi) north of Tbilisi, rises from the Caucasus Mountains along the banks of the Thergi River.
Meanwhile, tourism accounts for around 7% of Georgias gross domestic product, with the NorthSouth Corridor towns of Gudauri and Stepantsminda among the countrys prime destinations.