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family of printers: see EstienneEstienne,
, or, Latinized, Stephanus
, family of Parisian and Genevan printers of the 16th and 17th cent., distinguished through five generations in scholarship as well as in their craft.
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Forest improved in the second half and their persistence was rewarded when Stephanus slotted home a close range finish after the Sankoyo defence failed to clear a corner kick.
Gathered from older sources sometime in the tenth century and containing numerous poems and epigrams that are now part of the Greek canon, the anthology was lost for hundreds of years (it is still not clear how Stephanus got his hands on it) before resurfacing in Heidelberg in 1606.
Stephanus Muller, who was working on the biography of a South African composer, Arnold van Wyk, told me of the difficulties he had encountered as a researcher consulting unsorted primary materials for his research.
(17) Stephanus Orichovius, "Annales polonici ab excessu Sigismundi", in Ioannes Dlugossus seu Longinus, Historiae Polonicae libri XII, II, Lipsiae, 1711, col.
[7.] Ehud Deviri, Pinhas Sareli, Thomas Wisenbaugh & Stephanus L Cronje.
(5) Se halga Stephanus weard pa afylled mid pam Halgum Gaste, and beheold wid heofonas weard, and geseah Godes wuldor, and pone Haelend standende aet his Faeder swidran
Thus, for instance, the name Derbikkai is so well attested, not only in Ptolemy 6, 10, 2, but also in Stephanus of Byzantium, and as Derbikes in Ktesias (Photius) and Strabo (11, 11, 8), that it is difficult to take Dribyces/Dribices of Pliny (who is notoriosly careless with foreign names) as a better reading and therefore connect it with Avestan dri/Sika (p.
Kourion was recorded by numerous ancient authors including Ptolemy, Stephanus of Byzantium, Hierocles and Pliny the Elder.
Stefan Bakmand Andersen's compilation of images of, and texts by and about, a thinker from antiquity called Stephanus of Byzantium has a patina of Google about it.