Children's Crusade

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Children's Crusade:

see CrusadesCrusades
, series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. First Crusade

In the 7th cent., Jerusalem was taken by the caliph Umar.
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In one of the two legends of the Children's Crusades, quite possibly true, thousands of young children followed a charismatic twelve year old shepherd, Stephen of Cloyes, south through France to Marseilles, where he promised his followers the waters would divide and lead them to the Holy Land.
A contemporary observer, the Laon Anonymous, records that its leader, a shepherd boy named Stephen of Cloyes, met Jesus Christ himself by a dusty roadside.
According to the History Learning Site, maintained by teacher Christopher Trueman of Sackville School in East Grinstead, England, 12-year-old Stephen of Cloyes traveled through France and gathered an army of some 30,000 children to retake Jerusalem, as the adult Crusades had failed to do.