Stephen the Great

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Stephen the Great,

d.1504, prince of Moldavia (1457–1504). A great military and political leader, Stephen consolidated princely authority, furthered economic prosperity, and reorganized the army, thus creating a powerful Moldavian state that hindered the Ottoman advance. Although helped to the throne by Vlad IVVlad IV,
1431?–1476, prince of Walachia (1448, 1456–62, 1476), known as Vlad the Impaler. He was the son of Prince Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Devil) and is therefore also called Dracula or son of the Devil.
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 (Vlad the Impaler), prince of Walachia, Stephen attacked and defeated Vlad in 1462. Moldavia was prey to the expansionist interests of Hungary, Poland, and the Ottoman Empire, and, in 1467, Stephen repelled an attack by King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. To prevent the Ottomans from using Walachia as a base of operations, he invaded Walachia and replaced Vlad's pro-Ottoman successor with his own candidate. Stephen continued to repulse Ottoman attacks, winning decisively at Vaslui in 1475. Nevertheless, the Moldavian position grew increasingly weak as other countries, particularly Poland and Hungary, failed to aid Stephen. It was probably on Stephen's deathbed advice that his son and successor, Bogdan, purchased (1513) the continued existence of Moldavia by paying tribute to the sultan.
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The Putna Monastery was Stephen the Great's first monastery between 1466 and 1469.
The idea of anti-Ottoman crusade, of the fight against those who threatened the country's religion and integrity has been animating the Romanian space since Stephen the Great and Vlad the Impaler were leaders and it continued to animate this space till the reign of Michael the Brave.
Patrauti (county Suceava), though small, has a steeple, and is the oldest church founded by Stephen the Great, which has preserved its original form.
Other companies listed as potentially liable employers at the time the shop closed are St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust (SSG) and Durham Cathedral Shop Management Company.
The St Stephen The Great Charitable Trust has been chosen as the preferred bidder and is set to snap up the listed landmark for pounds 100.