Stereo Camera

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stereo camera

[′ster·ē·ō ′kam·rə]

Stereo Camera


a camera designed to take two simultaneous photographs of the same object, thus producing a stereopair. The camera has two identical objectives spaced 65mm apart (65mm is the average interpupillary distance in man).

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The car can corner roads on its own, stop at pedestrian crossing if its on-board stereo camera sees a person about to step out on to the road.
The car was outfitted with a stereo camera, the MFC 300, which includes sensors that track size and distance of obstacles.
The group also designed a downward-looking stereo camera system to be mounted on the helicopter to capture images of the affected areas.
Specifically, the researchers chose an IR-visible light stereo camera to identify the riders on two- and three-wheeled vehicles, an IR thermal camera to distinguish cars and motorcycles from bicycles, and an acoustic sensor to distinguish classes of cycles such as large motorcycles versus mopeds.
It also has a supplementary range finder, touch screen and stereo camera.
A video presentation will be used to introduce TMC's initiatives with regard to the development of autonomous vehicular systems that use various onboard sensors and information communications technology, such as the Pre-crash Safety System, which features a driver-monitoring camera, millimeter-wave radar and a stereo camera fusion system.
SELENE carries a multiband imager with a surface resolution of 20 meters (65 feet) and a stereo camera with 10-meter resolution.
Mars Express' high-resolution stereo camera, which will map the entire planet in 3D during the craft's 2-year mission, has recorded a 1,700-kilometer-long swath of Valles Marineris, the Grand Canyon of Mars.
Dr John Murray, of the stereo camera imaging team at the Open University, said: ''The pictures are absolutely spectacular.
The latest pictures of Mars taken by the European Space Agency's high resolution stereo camera (HRSC) onboard ESA's Mars Express orbiter, in colour and 3D.
Bubbenhall residents have set themselves the target of raising pounds 12,000 which will go towards a digital stereo camera costing pounds 60,000, which will speed up the process of taking a biopsy and improve the accuracy of results.