stereophonic sound

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stereophonic sound,

sound recorded simultaneously through two or more electronic channels. For live recordings, microphones are placed in different positions relative to the sound source. The recorded sound is played back through loudspeakers placed more or less as the recording microphones were placed. The resulting sound does not emanate from a point source, but instead the voices or instruments composing the sound seem to be spread out as they would be naturally. Thus, some of the ambience of the recording hall is recreated. Almost all commercial recordings and motion pictures produced today use stereophonic sound, as do many television and frequency modulation (FM) radio programs. See record playerrecord player
or phonograph,
device for reproducing sound that has been recorded as a spiral, undulating groove on a disk. This disk is known as a phonograph record, or simply a record (see sound recording).
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; sound recordingsound recording,
process of converting the acoustic energy of sound into some form in which it can be permanently stored and reproduced at any time.

In 1855 the inventor Leon Scott constructed a device called a phonautograph that recorded tracings of the vibrations of
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; compact disccompact disc
(CD), a small plastic disc used for the storage of digital data. As originally developed for audio systems, the sound signal is sampled at a rate of 44,100 times a second, then each sample is measured and digitally encoded on the 4 3-4 in (12 cm) disc as a series of
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A new 16 Megapixel 4/3" Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine help set a new benchmark for still image quality and also ensures excellent motion picture quality, with smooth results from Full HD 1920 x 1080 50p recording in AVCHD Progressive and MP4 with stereo sound. With NFC & Wi-Fi capability, the DMCGX7 offers fantastic control, connectivity and ability to share.
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