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(1) A lover of music played on a stereo system. Stereophiles often have very high-end audio equipment. See audiophile and phonophile.

(2) (Stereophile) The first magazine dedicated to evaluating high-fidelity audio equipment by listening to the sound rather than measuring with instruments. Stereophile was started in Wallingford, Pennsylvania in 1962 by J. Gordon Holt. See audiophile.

Going Strong After 50 Years
In 2012, Stereophile magazine celebrated its 50th year with issue #394. In 50 years, the magazine had two editors: Holt handled the first 82 issues, and John Atkinson was responsible for the rest.

A Stereophile's Dream
Hand-built to order, Bob Carver's Silver Seven 700 amplifiers come with a 20-year warranty (including the tubes). At a 2014 price of USD $32,000 for a pair, each monoblock delivers 700 watts (RMS) of power into 8 ohms.
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Picking "Suspended Night" as a Stereophile "record to die for," Richard Lehnert wrote that "Stanko evokes the spirits of the finest trumpeters dead and living while creating a mood and voice uniquely his own."
Until recently, Stereophile Magazine devoted many pages to frequently-detailed reader comments and writer responses.
Michael Fremer is a senior contributing editor, Stereophile magazine; a contributing editor, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater magazine; and editor, the Tracking Angle.
Stereophile magazine - One of the most highly-regarded publications in the consumer electronics industry.
Stereophile is the only magazine using a traditional "hard" offer which also offers premiums both with order (a booklet) and payment (a free CD).
At this spring's Stereophile show in Manhattan, Rives Audio, a company that specializes in room acoustics for new and existing construction, brought a small hotel room up to standards with eleven pieces from RPG at a cost of $8900.
With the help of some high-powered friends - including Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Maria McKee and the Jayhawks' Gary Louris - she created a CD that Stereophile magazine called "bright, energetic, soulful" that "packs plenty of instrumental punch."
Angela Hewitt has been hailed as "nothing less than the pianist who will define Bach performance on the piano for years to come" (Stereophile).
As reported in Stereophile, high SACD overseas demand has been the catalyst ( for the continued production of SACD.
His CD of Gustav Mahler's Sixth Symphony received Recording of the Month honors in Stereophile Magazine.
I am a stereophile. These discs prove that SACD is even better that the original LPs, which many Golden Ears think is the ultimate sound.
Greene's articles and I subscribe to Stereophile because of JA's measurements.