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Following this way, some perceptual approaches exploiting the perceptual properties of the HVS have been proposed for stereoscopic images coding.
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On the basis of a study using stereoscopic image interactive art, a study on media art that changed by gender was conducted as the audience showed different preferences for changes in color and the depth value depending on age and gender.
In the present study, the space directly perceived by observing physical space is defined as visual space, the space indirectly perceived by observing a photograph as photographic space, and the space indirectly perceived by observing stereoscopic images as stereoscopic space.
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By donning a helmet equipped with magnetic sensors for determining head position and goggles consisting of a pair of small liquid-crystal displays for producing a stereoscopic image of a computer-generated scene, a user could fly over, under, into, and around the plotted data.
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A feature that is present in modern Sony digital cameras, 3D Sweep Panorama allows a single lens camera to shoot a 3D, stereoscopic image by taking a sweeping shot, and collating the images.
JVC is introducing a new standard for 3D content workflow--the IF-2D3D1 stereoscopic image processor, which works as a 2D-to-3D converter.
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Replacing the spotlight with an image projector, the projected image is seen, but if two projectors are used, each showing one of a stereo pair, the viewer sees a stereoscopic image.