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at 180 ("Surely a new group of steroid intermediates is useful to chemists doing research on steriods [sic], and in a 'practical' sense too.
Steriod abuse has been associated with liver tumors and blood-filled cysts.
Steroid transformation enzymes as critical regulators of steriod action in vivo [Editorial].
With Stam facing a ban of up to eight months, Van Gaal called for more scientific research into nandrolone, an anabolic steriod.
Traditional risk factors are also considered: age (galucoma occurs more frequently in people over 45), steriod use, previous trauma to tye eye, a family history of glaucoma and diabetes.
Their initial blood sampling program turned up males with unusual steriod hormone ratios.
In-depth coverage of nuclear receptors, including steps in isolation of steriod hormones and the discovery of intracellular hormone receptors; Tyrosine protein kinases and adaptive immunity; and intracellular calcium
Steriod injections enabled the midfielder to play for the past eight months but Ferguson is desperate to make sure he is fully fit for the arrival of Rangers new manager in the summer.
The giant lock forward has played just five matches since serving a two-year ban after testing positive for a banned performance-enhancing steriod in South Africa.
He is being treated with steriod injections but could these be making him worse?
24) Steriod skeleton Any alerts Data sets Hit Active Hit Active NCTR 31 22 157 124 Nishihara 11 7 131 56 et al.
Commonwealth Games freestyle silver medallist Trent Bray is to face a Swimming New Zealand tribunal this week after testing positive for the banned steriod nandrolone.