Steward, Julian

Steward, Julian (Haynes)

(1902–72) anthropologist; born in Washington, D.C. He founded cultural ecology, the study of social systems in terms of their environment, with such works as Theory of Culture Change (1955, revised 1973) and Evolution and Ecology (1977), and edited the encyclopedic Handbook of South American Indians (7 vols. 1946–59). He ended his teaching career at the University of Illinois: Urbana (1952–72).
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A Jockey Club statement read: "A special meeting of the Jockey Club's regulatory board, chaired by the senior steward, Julian Richmond-Watson, was held to receive briefings and to consider any necessary action, following the arrests yesterday of 16 individuals, including four licence-holders.
The Jockey Club's senior steward, Julian Richmond-Watson, said: "Fred Winter's achievements were truly