Stig Claesson

Claesson, Stig


Born Feb. 5, 1917, in Kumla. Swedish physical chemist. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1946).

In 1937, Claesson graduated from the University of Uppsala. He subsequently joined the staff of the university; he became a professor in 1946 and director of the university’s Institute of Physical Chemistry in 1949. Claesson’s principal works deal with the kinetics of fast chemical reactions. He has studied the reactivity of many short-lived, aromatic, negatively charged radicals, and he has developed powerful systems for flash photolysis.

Claesson became a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1976.

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In this manner Stig Claesson has modernized the old Genesis story about Adam and Eve.
One or two or even three books a year by Stig Claesson is not uncommon, and the Swedes love to see them coming.