Stijn Streuvels

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Streuvels, Stijn


(pen name of Frank Lateur). Born Oct. 3, 1871, in Heule, near the city of Kortrijk; died Aug. 15, 1969, in Ingooigem, near Kortrijk. Belgian writer who wrote in Flemish.

Streuvels began publishing in 1895; he was a contributor to the journal Van Nu en Straks (Today and Tomorrow). He was one of the first Belgian writers to depict the village toiler, in his short-story collection The Path of Life (1899). The novel Old Jan (1902) realistically portrayed the exhausting labor of the peasant. Streuvels’ pessimism intensified in the novels Love Affairs (1903), The Flax Field (1907), and The Flowers of Life (1938) and in the short-story collection Workmen (1926). Streuvels’ works are humane, spontaneous, and lyrical. His novella Prutske (1922) and the autobiographical novella Heule (1942) subtly portrayed the psychology of a child.


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This substantial exchange of letters between the prolific portrayer of the Flemish countryside, Stijn Streuvels, and his urbane friend Emmanuel de Born is only part of an extraordinary correspondence that stretches from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth.
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