Ledo Road

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Ledo Road:

see Burma RoadBurma Road,
in China and Myanmar, extending from the railhead of Lashio, Myanmar, to Kunming, Yunnan prov., China. About 700 mi (1,130 km) long and constructed through rough mountain country, it was a remarkable engineering achievement.
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The Stilwell Road or Ledo Road, from Ledo in India to Kunming in China via Myanmar connecting the Burma Road beyond Bhamo by allied forces from December 1942 to May 1945 for military operation against the Japanese forces in North Burma, was left in bad shape.
The American General Joseph Vinegar Joe Stilwell used the highway known as the Stilwell Road during World War II to ferry weapons, troops, and supplies from India into China and Myanmar, although some asked whether its military worth matched the large price of building in such rugged terrain.
The North- east will be represented through a photography exhibition ( by British journalist Findlay Kember) on the Stilwell Road that runs from Assam to the Yunan province in China.
On 17 June, the Burmese army blocked the Stilwell Road and controlled the traveling of civilians.
I first came across members of the Tai Phake tribe in the winter of 2004, while driving along the historic Stilwell road from Southwest China into India's cloistered Northeast for a documentary project.
But in a final irony, Chiang named the route the Stilwell Road.
The graves were hidden in thick forests along the historic Stilwell Road in Arunachal Pradesh, an Indian state bordering China and Burma, state archeologists said.
It all started with a road trip from Kunming in China to the northeastern borders of India, along the Stilwell road built during the Second World War," Jodha says," I stumbled upon the fascinating habitats of the miners in the northeastern states.
The Reconstruction of the historic Stilwell Road was consisdered by Tuki to foster bilateral trade with South East Asian countries.
Tuki also urged the Prime Minister to consider reconstruction of the historic Stilwell Road to foster bilateral trade with South East Asian countries.
Guwahati, Dec 7(ANI): Stilwell Road which connects Tinsukia in Assam and places of Arunachal Pradesh to Kumming in Myanmar and Yunum in China is being given a makeover as it is and considered vital for the economic development of the region.
GIVEN THE delicate nature of Sino- India relations and instability in the insurgency- prone swampy jungles of Myanmar that lies between the two, the fortunes of Stilwell Road connecting the three nations seem to be as good as that of a politician's poll promise.