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(shtēp), town (1994 pop. 46,372), central North Macedonia. A historic town, it has mineral waters. Štip was an important center of the medieval Serbian and Bulgarian empires. From 1389 to 1913, it belonged to the Turks. The town has preserved a 14th-century monastery and the ruins of its old castle.
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"The men wint back into the tents like jackals, an' the rest av the night there was no noise at all excipt the stip av the sinthry over the two, an' Scrub Greene blubberin' like a child.
About STIP, he said, Science, technology and innovation were the most important aspects, which brought tremendous improvements around the world by becomming a massive power for development of a country.
The medieval town of Stip consisted of a fortified part--an internal section (frurion) and an external section (amboria).
Currently one year into the 2012-2015 edition of the four-year program plan, state transport officials are managing hundreds of STIP projects identified for program funding during the four-year span and currently in various stages of development.
The Stip city municipal government certifies that Kiril Blagoev Gligorov, from the town of Stip, born in the town of Stip, Bulgarian by ethnicity, of Bulgarian origin, is an honest and reliable citizen.
"Stip and Tetovo cannot be compared, not only by the number of residents, but also by their relevance," says Musliu and adds that the Albanian political factor should be blamed more for not being ready to oppose publicly this comparison.
In addition, excavations of the medieval fortress of Isar in Stip yielded findings, including a one-nave church, that illustrated how life in the fortress was organised during different periods of its existence.
As a German-based organization, E&H should also be able to easily integrate STIP into its organization.
The delays involved in designing CHAP, and later splitting it into two projects--both of which involved significant consultations with relevant partners--explains, to some extent, the long time taken to prepare STIP. Also, as discussed later in the report, this decision to split CHAP into two projects: (a) STIP, focused more on inputs such as drugs and condoms relevant to STIs and HIV/AIDS, in addition to prevention; and (b) DHSP, focused on broader policy and institutional reform and infrastructure development, had significant implications for STIP.
The eAppliance Solution Suite is a complete and highly portable implementation of the STIP version 2.1 API, an open standard defined by the STIP Consortium.