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(shtēp), town (1994 pop. 46,372), central North Macedonia. A historic town, it has mineral waters. Štip was an important center of the medieval Serbian and Bulgarian empires. From 1389 to 1913, it belonged to the Turks. The town has preserved a 14th-century monastery and the ruins of its old castle.
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The men wint back into the tents like jackals, an' the rest av the night there was no noise at all excipt the stip av the sinthry over the two, an' Scrub Greene blubberin' like a child.
Another reason why it is ahead of other municipalities is the fact that the main gas supply network is only 3 km from Stip.
The medieval town of Stip consisted of a fortified part--an internal section (frurion) and an external section (amboria).
Overall, the [current] STIP is fairly large--three hundred plus pages--and I think there are around 290 to 300 projects listed--[identifying] the funding that will be in demand," says Michael A.
The Stip city municipal government certifies that Kiril Blagoev Gligorov, from the town of Stip, born in the town of Stip, Bulgarian by ethnicity, of Bulgarian origin, is an honest and reliable citizen.
In addition, excavations of the medieval fortress of Isar in Stip yielded findings, including a one-nave church, that illustrated how life in the fortress was organised during different periods of its existence.
As a German-based organization, E&H should also be able to easily integrate STIP into its organization.
The project design was based on existing programs--most notably the NACP in the Ministry of Health--under whose broad ambit STIP was to be implemented.
First complete and portable implementation of STIP 2.
STIP is a five-year plan based on estimates of how much money will be available for projects and when those funds would be available.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications says that the agreements on building the second part of the Gradsko-Prilep express road, the road from Rankovce to Kriva Palanka and from Stip to Kocani have already been signed or are about to be signed.