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an instrument used in stipple engraving (a type of incised engraving on metal). A steel cutting tool with a sharply bent tip, a stipple produces triangular dots or short angular strokes on the surface of the metal. The system of dots obtained by working with a stipple creates a particularly soft and picturesque effect. The school of 18th-century English engravers who practiced stipple engraving is often called the school of the stipple.

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1. To make dots, points, etc., on a surface (as a painted or freshly plastered surface), to achieve a decorative effect.
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Pro tip: Don't over stipple! As with most gunsmithing jobs, you can always go further from the center point of the frame later on, so don't start off by stippling too much.
I essentially stipple half of my carry gun, leaving the part touching my skin smooth, whereas the other half is really aggressive.
Along with the metadata, Melcher said Stipple provides a wide variety of tags, including shopping links, embedded videos, maps and locations, and social media.
Stipple uses computer vision to help a computer obtain information from a photo.
'The number of good glasses is also, inevitably, diminishing as museums buy them or they get broken.' Mr Vecht has currently a fine goblet stipple engraved by one of the most highly regarded engravers, David Wolff of 's-Hertogenbosch (1732-98).
Also, because anti-reflection coatings can often be easily scratched, the German team have added an ultra-thin polyurethane organic substance to the mold, which coats the whole film, without filling in the gaps between the dimples and stipples, which are one ten-thousandth of a millimetre thick.
And I won't be responsible for my actions if he pulls out his killer chat-up line: "There was an old lady from Stipple
Rustic-type yarn styles include marls, stipples, tweeds, chunky and felted.
And if even that isn't enough, you can always go on a course and learn how to crackle glaze, colourwash and stipple for yourself.
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;
If you're not familiar with what this does, shooters and gunsmiths "stipple" and texture the grips of polymer firearms to enhance the feel and shootability of these guns.