Stjepan Filipovic

Filipović, Stjepan


Born Jan. 27, 1916, in Opuzen, Bosnia-Hercegovina; died May 22, 1942, in Valjevo, Serbia. National hero of Yugoslavia (title awarded posthumously Feb. 16, 1949).

Filipović, a metalworker, joined the revolutionary movement in 1937 and was continually subjected to persecution. In 1940 he became a member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and worked as a party functionary in Kragujevac. After the occupation of Yugoslavia by fascist troops in April 1941, he helped plan an armed uprising in Valjevo. He also took part in organizing the first partisan detachments and became a battalion commander. On Feb. 24, 1942, he was captured by the fascists. After being subjected to torture, he was executed.