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(physical chemistry)
The numerical relationship of elements and compounds as reactants and products in chemical reactions.



in chemistry, the study of the quantitative relationships between the weights (volumes) of reacting substances. Stoichiometry includes the derivation of chemical formulas and chemical equations, and its principles are used in the calculations of chemical analysis. The term “stoichiometry” was introduced by J. Richter in his book Anfangsgründe der Stöchiometrie (vols. 1–3, 1792–94), in which he synthesized the results of his determinations of the weights of acids and bases during the formation of salts.

The major postulates of stoichiometry are derived from Avo- gadro’s law, Gay-Lussac’s law of combining volumes, the law of multiple proportions, the law of definite proportions, the principle of the conservation of mass, and the law of equivalent proportions. The rules of stoichiometry govern all calculations related to chemical equations. Stoichiometric calculations are widely used in chemical engineering and metallurgy.

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In a polyurethane formulation, the best mechanical properties should theoretically be observed at the stochiometric ratio (i.
As you take the air/fuel ratio closer to stochiometric, it hammers just like a diesel.
These samples were not chemically analyzed, but based on extensive crystallographic data they were determined to be of stochiometric composition (9).
Remaining potential explanations for the absent anti-tumour effect of apigenin in vitro include a stochiometric insufficiency of the employed dose, a potential weakening of the non-specific immune defense secondary to the anti-inflammatory properties of apigenin and the upregulation of matrix degrading enzymes other than hyaluronidase (Lindenmeyer et al.