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Skillful use of the hands in moving body parts, as reducing a dislocation, or changing the position of a fetus.
(science and technology)
Use of the hands in the performance of a task.
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(1) A movement of the hand or of both hands related to the performance of certain processes (for example, the handling of some mechanism); a complex procedure in hand labor requiring great precision.

(2) A clever swindle, a contrivance, a juggle with facts for the sake of achieving an unseemly goal; the same as a machination.

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By many accounts, he was a hard-working man and not particularly greedy, yet his handling of RCA's stock was called "undoubtedly the most spectacular stock manipulation of the [1920s]" by a historian.
Yulo said Estrada repeated that Tan was the victim and not the culprit in the stock manipulation case.
He has variously been sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for stock manipulation, charged by regulators with looting an insurance company, and sued by the Labor Department for investing PL's pension fund in a dying insurance company in return for its junk-bond financing of his takeover.
Despite all the coverage of the Drexel Burnham Lambert scandal, the media rarely ask who the victims were of the stock manipulation to which the firm pleaded guilty last December.
"The meltdown that almost caused the collapse of the Philippine stock market spawned charges of insider trading and stock manipulation against BW officials and stockbrokers," Palabrica said.
LAHORE -- Ambassador to the United States Ali Jahangir Siddiqui did not appear before the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Monday in connection with a case of stock manipulation.
Forget about the stock manipulation from listing day.
Shortly after its listing, it was embroiled in a stock manipulation scandal that triggered an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which eventually charged at least 12 people with 'anomalous' trading of shares and conspiring to 'intentionally and unlawfully' raise share prices for their own profit.
Thoppan, Jose J.; M., Punniyamoorthy; and K., Ganesh (2017) "Competitive Models to Detect Stock Manipulation," Communications of the IIMA: Vol.
SEC Files Charges in $26 Million Stock Manipulation Scheme