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Like lirrga texts, wangga texts contain song language, allusiveness, repetition and rhyme, puns, stock phrases, and complex grammar.
The words echoed her stock phrase on her cult show where she tells her regular audience of pensioners "Let's have a heated debate!" in the break between interviewing guests.
His father has provided salient advice for Wan-Bissaka during his rise, with one of his stock phrases being: "Good, but just keep going and keep working hard, it doesn't stop here." Those words will be ringing in his son's ears as his United adventure gets under way.
I know, let's train them all in three or four plain stock phrases. Easy.
We often come out with stock phrases like "time heals" when someone has experienced trauma, but the reality is you never forget.
As a party in power that wants to rule the country forever, the BJP has restricted itself to a few stock phrases when Opposition parties, and especially Rahul Gandhi, criticises it.
It's not complicated -- avoid stock phrases, and just say you are thinking of them and that you understand and feel sad for them.
Rehearse stock phrases Practise what you want to say when the people in your life try to lure you into temptation.
After Trump labeled the EU a "foe," Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, responded on Twitter, using one of Trump's favorite stock phrases.
Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, replied on Twitter using one of Trump's favorite stock phrases. "America and the EU are best friends," Tusk wrote.
Actually what is striking about them is their cliched nature - he has a fondness for stock phrases."
And so "[t]o be liberal no longer means simply to believe in principles of justice and fairness but to exhibit certain acceptable behaviors, feel emotions that are expected of you, and repeat certain stock phrases." (203)