Stockholm Appeal

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Stockholm Appeal


an appeal by the Permanent Committee of the World Congress of Partisans of Peace calling for a ban on atomic weapons, strict international controls over observance of the ban, and condemnation by the term “war criminal” of the first government to use atomic weapons against any country. The appeal was adopted at the Permanent Committee’s session held in Stockholm on Mar. 15–19, 1950. The World Federation of Trade Unions, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the Women’s International Democratic Federation, and other international democratic organizations supported the appeal, which was signed by about 500 million persons between March and November 1950. In the USSR, 115,514,703 persons, the country’s entire adult population, signed the Stockholm Appeal.

During its session of May 31-June 2,1975, the Presidium of the World Peace Council, after observing the 15th anniversary of the Stockholm Appeal, called on all governments, social movements, and organizations advocating peace and progress to join forces for a new world offensive against the arms race in the struggle for universal and total disarmament. This appeal, which received the wide support of peace-loving, progressive forces, became known as the New Stockholm Appeal.


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