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A mineral deposit in the form of a network of veinlets diffused in the country rock.



an ore body formed by a mass of rock permeated by a dense network of variously oriented veins and vein-lets containing the ore minerals; such minerals in the form of phenocrysts are usually found in rocks interpenetrated by veinlets.

A distinction is made between areal and linear stockworks. Areal stockworks are cube-shaped with sinuous boundaries. Linear stockworks extend in one direction. The dimensions of stock-works range from a few dozen meters to several kilometers. Stockworks are classified with the group of hydrothermal formations that arise upon the deposition of the metal-bearing substance from hot mineralized solutions circulating in fissured rock. Some deposits of copper, molybdenum, tungsten, gold, tin, beryllium, uranium, mercury, and other metal ores belong to this group.

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MacPhersons expects to complete about 20,000 m at Southern Stockwork and more than 15,000 m at Northern Stockwork before the end of 2017 and expects to report an updated gold resource during the March quarter of 2018.
The Northern Stockwork is centred on quartz-diorite dykes that are 0.
The results confirm Diorite Hill as a broad zone of strong quartz stockwork veining and associated high-grade copper-gold mineralisation (0.