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a cylindrical roll of cured tobacco leaves, for smoking

What does it mean when you dream about a cigar?

A psychoanalytic symbol for the male organ, though when Freud was once asked about his cigar, he famously responded that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Smokers tend to associate anxiety and/or relaxation with cigarettes.

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Other editions of Kagyur such as sTog, Ulan Bator Them spang ma, Phug brag and even the Narthang xylographic edition supports this reading with omission.
The sutra source is found in the sTog Kanjur 11.28, dkon brtsegs, ca, 339b2-3, Derge Kanjur 72, dkon brisegs, ca, 197bl-2: mgon [D mgron, S 'gron] po [P [empty set] po] med pa'i gnas khang ltar yongs su gzung [S bzung] ba med pa dang; T.
To launch the car, Lotus have created their own super hero in the form of An Stog, the Irish cousin of the mysterious BBC Top Gear racing legend.
The Stog Bka' 'gyur manuscript was copied in the 18th century and is preserved in the Stog palace of Ladakh.