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(physical chemistry)
The numerical relationship of elements and compounds as reactants and products in chemical reactions.



in chemistry, the study of the quantitative relationships between the weights (volumes) of reacting substances. Stoichiometry includes the derivation of chemical formulas and chemical equations, and its principles are used in the calculations of chemical analysis. The term “stoichiometry” was introduced by J. Richter in his book Anfangsgründe der Stöchiometrie (vols. 1–3, 1792–94), in which he synthesized the results of his determinations of the weights of acids and bases during the formation of salts.

The major postulates of stoichiometry are derived from Avo- gadro’s law, Gay-Lussac’s law of combining volumes, the law of multiple proportions, the law of definite proportions, the principle of the conservation of mass, and the law of equivalent proportions. The rules of stoichiometry govern all calculations related to chemical equations. Stoichiometric calculations are widely used in chemical engineering and metallurgy.

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These two resins were used with the acetoacetate functional oligomer and the EG--DEM based oligomer to formulate paints using DiTMPTA as the acceptor at a 1:1 stoichiometry and at 92.
As shown as an example in Figure 4, a lean sweep was performed of each fuel blend from stoichiometry and 0% EGR at every 0.
The ligand was then complexed respectively with Fe (II) and Co (II) ions and the stoichiometry of complexes was determined using mole ratio method.
Their ratios defined as nutrient stoichiometry could as a tool for analyzing the balance between the nutrition elements required by organisms and affects nutrient cycling (Sterner and Elser, 2002).
In the case of both organic solvents the stoichiometry of extracted complexes was 2:1 (L:M) for Mn2+ Zn2+ and Pb2+ ions however the stoichiometry was 3:2 (L:M) for Co2+ ion which is an interesting finding.
These values imply a mean stoichiometry of almost 10 apoA-I molecules per HDL particle.
Isothermal titration calorimetry, NMR titrations, and gel filtration demonstrated a 2:1 binding stoichiometry of FasWT Death Domain to CaM.
Currently manufacturing the third generation of high mass detection systems, the HM3, CovalX[acute accent]s technology is already well recognized as a unique tool for protein-protein interactions analysis, which includes stoichiometry, biotherapeutic aggregation, epitope mapping and immunocomplex characterization; all key applications for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
The functionalized discs have the same chemistry and stoichiometry as the spin columns so the reagent volumes and timings can be directly inferred for the spin-tube protocol.
And with the norm of acid in a range from 47 to 55% of stoichiometry, the above mentioned parameter reaches the level 91-98% depending on the type of raw material.