Stojanovic, Radmila

Stojanović, Radmila


Born July 24, 1920, in Bosanski Samac. Yugoslav economist.

Stojanović graduated from the department of economics of the University of Belgrade in 1948. She became a doctor of economic sciences in 1953 and was appointed a professor in the department of economics at the University of Belgrade. Stojanovic’s work is largely concerned with theoretical problems of the development of socialist economy, and mathematical approaches to the economic optimization of the national economy. Stojanovic has written many works, some of which have been translated into foreign languages. In 1962 she was awarded the State Prize of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for her book The Theory of Economic Development Under Socialism.


Teorija privrednog porosla u socijalizmu, parts 1–2. Belgrade, 1959. Veliki ekonomski sistemi, 2nd ed. Belgrade [1972].