Stoliarskii, Petr

Stoliarskii, Petr Solomonovich


Born Nov. 18 (30), 1871, in Lipovtsy, in what is now Vinnitsa Oblast; died Apr. 29, 1944, in Sverdlovsk. Soviet violin teacher, public figure in the world of music. People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1939). Member of the CPSU from 1939.

Stoliarskii graduated from the Odessa Music School in 1893, after which he was a violinist with the Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet until 1919. He started teaching in 1898 and opened his own music school in 1912. In 1919 he joined the teaching staff of the Odessa Conservatory, becoming a professor in 1923.

Stoliarskii was one of the founders of the Soviet school of violin playing. His name is associated with a modern method of music instruction in which students are trained from an early age. His outstanding qualities as a teacher and artist, his feel for music, and his organizational talents enabled him to achieve great success in his career.

Stoliarskii’s students included D. F. Oistrakh, N. M. Milstein, S. I. Furer, E. G. Gilel’s, and M. I. Fikhtengol’ts.

On Stoliarskii’s initiative, a secondary school of music was founded in Odessa in 1933. This school has been named in his honor. Stoliarskii was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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