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see enteritisenteritis
, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Acute enteritis is not usually serious except in infants and older people, in whom the accompanying diarrhea can cause dehydration through the loss of fluids.
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an inflammatory disease of the stomach and small intestine.

In man, gastroenteritis develops as a result of food poisoning, bacterial infection, poor water, diseases (influenza, pneumonia, measles, sepsis), and poisoning by heavy metals, acids, alkalies, and mercury compounds. It occurs in acute and chronic forms. It is also frequently accompanied by affection of the large intestine (gastroenterocolitis). Medical treatment in acute gastroenteritis involves irrigation of the stomach by means of a probe or, alternatively, by an ordinary drink followed by induced vomiting. Hot-water bottles may be applied to the legs, and medicinal therapy is useful in regulating the secretory functions of the stomach and intestine. Treatment in chronic gastroenteritis may include long-term dietotherapy, strict observance of a diet, and medicinal therapy.


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In animals, gastroenteritis is observed in the form of catarrhal, croupous, diphtheritic, hemorrhagic, and phlegmonous inflammations. It is caused by spoiled feeds and acrid chemical and vegetable poisons, and, secondarily, by certain infectious diseases, such as anthrax, pasteurellosis, paratyphoid, plague, and swine erysipelas. Gastroenteritis is manifested by severe depression, weakness, and the excretion of watery feces with an unpleasant odor, mucus, fibrin pellicles, and blood. Colic and elevated temperature are also possible. Medical treatment entails irrigation of the stomach, as well as internal medication, such as laxatives, astringents, disinfectant and bacteriostatic compounds, mucous decoctions, and cardiac agents. Prophylaxis aims at the maintenance of the zoohygienic requirements of animal nutrition.



Inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach and intestine.


inflammation of the stomach and intestines
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* Stomach virus is most commonly caused by norovirus, rotavirus, or adenovirus.
Mrs Clinton, who is 65, fell ill with a stomach virus last weekend and was forced to cancel a trip to the Middle East and North Africa.
TEAM NEWS Scotland Darren Fletcher is available after recovering from a stomach virus.
The hoops could have been forgiven if they had left Merseyside empty-handed after a week where the takeover of the club by Tony Fernandes finally settled some nerves in west London was followed by a takeover of the playing squad by a stomach virus - but a Tommy Smith goal was good enough to secure victory.
MATT Wells was denied the opportunity of a second rowing world cup gold medal of the season when his double sculls partner Stephen Rowbotham was laid low by a stomach virus yesterday.
TERRY Jenkins was forced to play twice in week nine of the PDC Premier League last night after Adrian Lewis was forced out with a stomach virus. Jenkins lost his first match 8-4 to James Wade but roared back to claim a 7-7 draw with Phil Taylor in the closing contest at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena.
Singh caught a stomach virus at the Johnnie Walker Classic in India last week that left him hooked up to an intravenous drip and admits he was close to pulling out of the contest.
Officials said they expect to see a rise in stomach virus and flu at this time of year and have dealt with no big issues.
Considering Federer's preparations have been disrupted by a stomach virus and Nadal was thrashed by Youzhny in Chennai last weekend it is not too fanciful to ponder the prospect of Britain at last soon being able to herald its first men's singles Grand Slamtitle winner since Fred Perry back in 1936.
Gloucester pair Iain Balshaw and Nick Wood have already flown home due to injuries, while the tourists still cannot report a clean bill of health from the stomach virus that swept through the squad last week.
116 passengers and crew members became sick with a stomach virus aboard a ship that returned to port after a five-day Caribbean cruise, Royal Caribbean International officials said, reports AP (Jan.
Just wondering if you know how long a stomach virus lasts, and is it contagious?