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2 amendment also makes Stone County eligible to apply for funding for emergency protective measures under the Public Assistance program.
Stone County Regional Correctional Facility Wiggins, Mississippi
On the other side are more ugly buildings and a builders' merchant with a backdrop of the massive Portland stone county hall built on the site of the old jail.
Stone County has extremely poor soils and the primary land use is mismanaged oaks and hickories and fescue pasture.
In Missouri, Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said he put the "In God We Trust" stickers on cars in his department after learning of them from Green County Sheriff Jim Arnott.
So when she made the decision to retire from her position in the Stone County School District, her family and friends knew such a milestone should be marked with as much enthusiasm as Donna had brought to the hundreds of students she had taught.
com)-- SPCA Tampa Bay accepted 22 puppies this morning that were seized as part of a hoarding and animal neglect investigation in Stone County, Mississippi.
residents and others in the vicinity of a proposed quarry spoke their mind at a public hearing before the Big Stone County, Minn.
In addition, a new locality in Stone County is added for the endemic and federal candidate species yellowcheek darter (Etheostoma morel).
Schools receiving grants included North Pike Elementary School (Summit); DeLisle Elementary (Harrison County), Strayhorn Elementary (Sarah), Sudduth Elementary (Starkville), Saltillo Primary School, Henderson Ward-Stewart Elementary (Starkville), Lafayette Middle School, Olde Town Middle School (Ridgeland), Pass Christian High School, Starkville/Millsaps Technology Center, Stone County Schools, Madison School District, Jackson Public School District, and Mississippi School for the Deaf.
In 2008, we focused additional searching efforts in the area just south of the White River near Guion in Stone County, Arkansas.