Stone Image

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Stone Image


(in Russian, kamennye baby) the name for carved stone sculptures (1 to 4 m high), which in ancient times were set up on high points in the steppe regions from the Dnestr River in the west to the Altai and Mongolia in the east.

The stone images of the Black Sea coastal areas date from different periods, from the Scythian (fifth-fourth century B.C.) to the late nomadic (13—14th century a.d.). Menhir-type carved stone sculptures, which date from the Bronze Age, are known in Siberia. The stone images were apparently associated with ancestor worship.


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References in classic literature ?
She was like a stone image: silent, white, motionless after she placed it there.
His face was like a carved stone image, from which the life had wholly gone.
It was several stories in height, the main entrance being approached by a wide flight of stone steps, the bottom of which was guarded by enormous stone lions, while at the top there were two pedestals flanking the entrance and of the same height, upon each of which was the stone image of a large parrot.
If Heaven never answered prayers because of deafness, methinks I would nevertheless have blessings bestowed upon me, for that man yonder would make the great stone image of Saint Peter rub its ears and hearken unto him.
The monstrous stone image of Britannia was lying prone and face downward on the garden path; and there stuck out at random from underneath it, like the legs of a smashed fly, an arm clad in a white shirt sleeve and a leg clad in a khaki trouser, and hair of the unmistakable sandy gray that belonged to Horne Fisher's unfortunate uncle.
There was not a movement perceptible in those masses of humanity; they were as rigid as stone images, and as pale; and dread sat upon every countenance.
Hundreds of fragments of Roman pottery were also found, alongside items such as pieces of jet, a copper alloy statuette thought to be of Mars the Roman god of war, and a carved stone image of a mother goddess, which may have been housed in a roadside shrine.
Accordingly, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott handed over the Sripuranthan Nataraja, along with a second stone image of Shiva Ardhanarishvara, to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi.
Our statistical method helps to avoid the shortcomings of the existing system, since the mean is taken from the whole matrix corresponding to the ROI of the stone image.
In a book prompted by surprise at seeing a stylized stone image of a vagina at a 12th century English church, Rees (English, U.
His stone image on the tomb wears a Lancastrian collar presented to him in real life by King Henry V.