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a wooden, stone, metal, plaster, or other kind of sculpture of a human or animal figure, usually life-size or larger
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A form of likeness sculpted, modeled, carved, or cast in material such as stone, clay, wood, or bronze.
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What does it mean when you dream about a statue?

People that we know who appear in dreams as statues may indicate that relationships are inflexible and that communication has reached a standstill. If the dreamer is a statue it may mean that the true self has become far removed from reality.

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As Rynick rakes autumn leaves, he contemplates the inevitable cycle of birth and death, and when he purchases a large stone statue of the seated Buddha, he thinks about the ancient tradition of just sitting still.
Until, that is, the chilling moment when the stone statue speaks, the Don is asked to atone for his sins and, when he refuses, he is cast into hellish damnation.
bullets from the security police and armored cars that had deployed there to prevent the sanam' (false deity) from being toppled", a witness told Reuters, referring to the 6-meter stone statue. Another resident said protesters had first gathered around the house of Mouath Al-Rakkad, a 14-year-old boy who was shot dead on June 10 during a demonstration against the rule of Assad's son, President Bashar Al-Assad.
Pat Walls is creating a seven-foot tall stone statue which will have pride of place for decades to come outside the new Brackenhall children's hospice He has been working full time on the sculpture at Marshall's Appleton quarry in Shepley for the last two weeks.
Just above the clock dials there is a carved stone statue inset at each corner representing the four seasons.
Tartous, Syrian Coast,(SANA)_A stone statue dating back to the early 4th century B.C.
The cast bronze and stone statue depicts four persons, one of whom is a girl about to be vaccinated in the arm.
The nearby courtyard at beautiful Thoresby Hall Hotel has a large stone statue of Robin Hood while the centrepiece of the 18th century hotel's historic library is a 14ft high elaborate chimney piece carved from a single oak which features figures of Little John and Robin Hood.
His creations over the years have included a life-sized bronze statue of a railroad worker displayed in downtown Durand (an area rich in railroad history), a life-sized stone statue of Saint Patrick that stands on the grounds of a church in downtown Birmingham, and a large mural of religious scenes he painted on the sanctuary walls of another church in Birmingham.
Zurita the Mistral and a liter of Pisco preserved in an old stone statue
In the room is a book on Dracula's castle, a bed, an ancient-looking stone statue, and a coin.
But he was refused official recognition in his native Belfast until three years ago, when a 6ft-high stone statue was erected by the city council.