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magnetic stoping
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operations for the extraction of a mineral from a deposit by the underground method. In stoping, a distinction is drawn between combined or gross removal of a mineral and selective removal, in which certain grades of ores, coal, intercalated rock layers, and so on are extracted separately. Mining excavations formed as a result of stoping, and also the space formed after the removal of the mineral, are called stopes; the faces of stoping excavations are called working faces. Rock minerals are stoped with the use of a blast-hole drilling unit for preliminary loosening of the rock mass.

In the USSR, stoping is mechanized: cutter loaders, conveyors, and powered support are used in underground coal mining; loaders, scrapers, and underground excavators are used in underground ore extraction.

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"The commencement of stoping is an important milestone, not just in this new mine's development, but also for the company as we continue to transform our operations and production outlook," Focus Minerals Chief Executive Campbell Baird said.
Chanda and Katongal note that with VCR, "improvements in grade factors, recoveries and control of dilution are clearly evident compared to conventional sublevel stoping previously employed.
The stoping methods are classified according to two geotechnical areas as follows:
In sulphide ore bodies, the stoping height may have to be reduced when retreat with shrinkage is employed due to oxidation of the broken ore.
The preferred schedule is to drive the ramp when there is stoping in the area so that ramp waste can be dumped into a nearby stope.
In order to establish the overall attractiveness of the strategy, the proposed Raise Mining Method (RMM) was compared with a conventional Blasthole Stoping Method (BSM).
The major problem has been the high level of waste dilution resulting from overbreak and sidewall sloughing associated with the relatively narrow sub-level open stoping mining method initially adopted.
The isometric sketch [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED] shows the development required and stoping layout for this method.
The equipment problem (high mining costs resulting from the use of old machines) has been addressed by the purchase of a fleet of ten Atlas Copco Boomer 282 jumbos, five rail-bound and five rubber-tyred units, a Simba H157 production drill for up and down-holes in the sublevel stoping operations (production also comes from cut-and-fill mining), a mixed fleet of Atlas Copco Wagner 1.5 [m.sup.3] and 2.3 [m.sup.3] LHDs and new 13.6 t capacity EJC 985T15 trucks.