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in metallurgy, a device that regulates the quantity of molten metal poured from a ladle and that prevents the entry of slag into the molds. A stopper consists of a refractory nozzle in the shape of a truncated cone at the bottom of the ladle and a refractory stopperhead that fits into the nozzle’s opening. The stop-perhead is screwed onto a steel rod, which is insulated from the liquid metal by refractory fireclay sleeves. Rod and stopperhead are raised and lowered by a lever on the outside of the ladle. Stoppers are gradually being replaced by stopperless devices, such as the slide, turn-gate valve, and disk valve.

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stopper, stopping

A compound, such as putty, used to fill holes in wood, metal, etc.
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The installer places the band on the pipe, moves the stopper to cover the leak, and uses a rachet to tighten the band until no more pressure can be applied and the leak has stopped.
The San Juan City Police chief said that one of the issues the police saw during their investigation was the stoppers installed in the parking facility.
But the arrival of Karius for PS4.7m would seem to push the young Welsh stopper down the pecking order under Jurgen Klopp.
Ciaran O'Loughlin and Ben Pierce are two of Everton's other keepers in the U18 set-up and Everton are excited about being able to add Hilton to their crop of up and coming young stoppers.
He cut a considerable figure between the posts and was a smart shot stopper, not prompting the nervous energy in the stands that came with Brad Jones starting in goal.
The Spill Stopper can also double as a splatter guard for the microwave.
Show- stoppers at IIJW 2012 a mixed- bag of stunners & bummers
Mr Rothman, from Bredon, Worcs, failed to tie the stopper and his rope gave way just as he was to descend from the top at the Warehouse centre in Gloucester.
But Elgin wrapped it up 12 minutes from time when David Niven got on the end of Moore's setpiece before Annan sub Jordyn McKechnie was sent off for a wild tackle on the stopper.
Amac: Bu calismanin amaci buyuk arter yaralanmalarinda arter ici basing artisi ile paralel olarak uygulanan topikal Ankaferd Blood Stopper (ABS)'in cerrahi ve histopatolojik hemostatik etkilerini deneysel bar tavsan modelinde degerlendirmektir.
Stopper Station Shield has two tabs that snap into the newer Stopper Station buttons, allowing it to easily mount over the push button.
* The vial body, which is made of cycloolefin co-polymer (COC) and the stopper, which is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are molded in an ISO Class 5 clean room at the same time and assembled by robots, resulting in a closed vial with ISO Class 5 environment inside, hence the absence of the washing process.