Storage Life

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Storage Life


the capacity of an item, article, device, or structure to meet continuously (within certain limits) established standards of quality during and after storage and transportation. Storage life, an example of reliability, is characterized by certain quantitative factors. The factors are determined by conditions of storage and transportation and by protective measures taken against heat and cold and the adverse effects of ambient temperatures, air, humidity, dust, solar radiation, shock, and mold. The most effective methods for enhancing storage life are conservation, the use of special protective coatings and impregnating compounds, and preventive servicing of articles to be stored.

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storage life, shelf life

The time period for which a material (such as a packaged adhesive or sealant) can be stored, under specified temperature conditions, and remain suitable for use.
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The guar gum coating is biodegradable, easily applied, and less expensive (compared with other hydrocolloids and commercial waxes) and it can be used commercially to prolong the storage life of Roma tomatoes.
Experiment 2: Effect of Application Time of PGRs on Storage Life of 'Kinnow' Mandarin
To our disappointment, it has no buyers because of its pale color and shorter storage life," said Raul Igne, a farmer.
Dr Lefteris Tourasanidis, Project Coordinator within A Hatzopoulos SA said: "Dried food is forecasted to rapidly grow in popularity, possibly due to its ability to be transported cheaply, its longer storage life, and ease of consumption.
'Fajri', which prompted us to investigate the low temperature storage potential of this cultivar for its extended storage life with better quality.
The changes are being introduced so the UK complies with European Union air quality targets but is expected to reduce the storage life of untreated fuel to a maximum of around six months.
The rapid temperature reduction enhances food safety, increases storage life and improves production efficiency.
To improve storage life time, the cans are purged with dried nitrogen as the cartridges are inserted and the tops screwed on.
Since 50 % of fresh blueberries are immediately stored and shipped to market, extending shelf life is necessary because blueberries have a relatively short storage life, and will deteriorate rapidly after harvest (Bounous et al., 1997; Jay, 1996; Delong et al, 2003; Magee, 1999; Beaudry et al, 1998; Rosenfeld et al, 1999; Sanford et al, 1991).
TDK's SHG2A series of industrial half slim SSDs are suitable as replacements for HDDs and provide high-speed performance, data reliability, storage life span, and data security at the highest levels in the industry.
In addition, their long storage life (up to nine months in ventilated storage) reduces shrink, making them one of the most profitable items in retail produce.
The liquid coating contained chitosan, which comes from crustacean shells and can be made into film for food wrapping to keep out bacteria and fungi and prolong storage life.