storage heating

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thermal storage

The means by which solar energy is collected for re-radiation at a later time.
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These systems are not to be confused with antiquated storage heating systems which depend on an overnight charge of electricity.
The rent is pounds 5,000 a year exclusive of rates and includes lighting, night storage heating.
There's a modern fitted kitchen and night storage heating.
Breadalbane Cottage was built in the 1930s but the detached property has now been completely renovated to include double glazed windows, Total Control electric night storage heating, and a fully fitted kitchen with built- in electric cooker and hood.
Each flat has double glazing, electric night storage heating and high heat-insulation.
The property in Portpatrick requires an upgrade to the existing Storage Heating System; we require programmable high heat retention storage heaters to be fitted here.
The product segments discussed in the data reports include: Electric storage heating radiators Soil heating and other electric space heating equipment Non-electric heaters Electric heating resistors The reports help answering the following questions: - What is the current size of the domestic heating appliance market in different Eastern European countries?
It has recently been upgraded with UPVC double glazing and night storage heating.
It's double-glazed with oil fired heating and night storage heating.
The property has double glazing and storage heating.
The property also has double glazing, secondary glazing and night storage heating.
Now CCG has told Nicola storage heating will be installed this week and windows before May.