storage hierarchy

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storage hierarchy

The range of memory and storage devices within the computer system. The following list starts with the slowest devices and ends with the fastest. See storage and memory.

 Punch cards (obsolete)
 Punched paper tape (obsolete)

 Bubble memory (obsolete)
 Floppy disks (obsolete)

 Magnetic tape
 Optical discs (CD, DVD, MO, etc.)
 Magnetic disks
 Low-speed bulk memory

 Flash memory
 Main memory (DRAM)
 Cache memory (SRAM)
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The cooperative cache is unique among the layers of the storage hierarchy in that it is shared by all the clients, yet distributed across them.
Henk van Houten and Wouter Leibbrandt have a keen understanding of the technology and its future place in the storage hierarchy, providing here a highly informed glimpse of what the technology will likely bring to consumer electronics, as well as to computer storage.
Key JSIPS technologies include near-lossless image compression, high-speed LANs, a storage hierarchy with high bits/|in.sup.3~ densities, shock isolation to meet stringent transportability requirements and a security design to allow system operation in a classified environment connected to communication links operating at lower classification levels.
Database management involves the management of video data, from storage hierarchy to data models and organization, and to search and indexing techniques.
It uses this diversity by matching data to different tiers in the storage hierarchy, according to its business value.
This objective was achieved by recognizing key abstractions of the storage hierarchy and defining the storage control architecture to allow effective management of these abstractions.
There are many levels of the storage hierarchy though three levels are most often used.
At the hardware level, this essentially comes down to introducing new layers of disk technology into the storage hierarchy. ILM is, after all, at least partly a variation on the old theme of hierarchical storage management (HSM).
Management software intelligently moves information along the storage hierarchy. It should help balance cost, performance and capacity throughout the entire process.