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Storm King,

mountain, 1,355 ft (413 m) high, SE N.Y., on the west shore of the Hudson River near West Point. It is included in the Palisades Interstate Parks.
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(AP) -- The Rifle-Garfield County Airport has won a statewide race to land a new research center to find the best ways to fight wildfires from the air, with researchers hoping to find new ways to fight a fire like the one in 1994 that left 14 firefighters dead on Storm King Mountain.
In 1994, 14 firefighters were killed while battling a several-days-old blaze on Storm King Mountain in Colorado.
Such was the case after the Storm King Mountain fire, which proved to be the result of a combination of tragic circumstances and miscalculations - severe winds and fuel conditions, bad communications and flawed planning.
The photograph of Storm King Mountain by Greg Miller in the December 2011 issue brought back many memories.
John Arum, also a hiker, died on Storm King Mountain in Washington state shortly after he asked Ali to help and before Shourd was released, she said.
Firefighter monuments and the sacrifice of human life at places such as Storm King Mountain in Colorado are given prominence.
Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm, detailing the terrible speed at which the fire spread at Storm King Mountain, Colorado in 1994 in his new book, Fire (Fourth Estate, pounds 15.99).
The tragedy at Storm King Mountain, where 14 firefighters lost their lives in a quick moving forest fire, is just one example where the denser and drier forests have proved destructive to both lives and property.
As they battled what they thought was a typical blaze on Colorado's Storm King Mountain, the weather suddenly turned against them.
"Homeowners can literally see for miles, with spectacular views of trees, hills and Storm King Mountain."
In the 1960s and '70s, a legal battle over a proposed hydropower project on Storm King Mountain epitomized the conflict.
John Arum, also a hiker, died in a climbing accident on Storm King Mountain in Washington state shortly after he asked Ali to help and before Shourd was released.