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storm petrel:

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, common name given various oceanic birds belonging, like the albatross and the shearwater, to the order known commonly as tube-nosed swimmers. There are two families of petrels: the storm petrels (Hydrobatidae) and the diving petrels (Pelecanoididae).
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Ashy Storm Petrels tuck their nests into the rock caverns of the islands, where their eggs become prime pickings for the sharp beaks and determination of hungry Ravens and ravenous skunks.
The data is passed to the British Trust for Ornithology and provides information in understanding the survival rates, population sizes and movement of storm petrels.
Storm petrels are caught in nets and ringed by National Trust rangers at The Leas in South Tyneside
The majority of Skokholm's storm petrels nest in fragile rock crevices inaccessible to researchers.
We took the short tour around the island and saw many of the b th gu pe guillemots, cormorants and storm petrels that make the island a prime birdwatching destination for so many.
Michael jams his foot against the wall, turns and looks down at the ledges far below where the storm petrels nest.
In a "recognition test", European storm petrels chose to avoid the scent of a relative in favour of approaching the smell of an unrelated bird.
White-faced storm petrels normally seen off the African coast - jaegers, skuas and Audubon's shearwaters - join flocks of thousands of other pelagic birds taking advantage of the concentrated bounty.
European Storm Petrels and Pomarine Skuas battled against the south westerly winds and were noted from the recipient shores: Bardsey, Criccieth, Cemlyn and Llanrhystyd in the main.
There are a number of similar dark-rumped storm petrels that occur in the North Pacific but only two species show white bases to the shafts of the outer primaries.
Byrd was recognized for his work to protect marine species of coastal Alaska, such as auklets, puffins, storm petrels and other seabirds.
Even rare Great Skuas - famous for dive-bombing walkers - nest here, while Storm Petrels are found on Mousa.