Storm and Stress

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Storm and Stress:

see Sturm und DrangSturm und Drang
or Storm and Stress,
movement in German literature that flourished from c.1770 to c.1784. It takes its name from a play by F. M. von Klinger, Wirrwarr; oder, Sturm und Drang (1776).
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* What is the level of adolescent storm and stress in Ethiopian adolescent as observed by the studied upper primary school teachers?
* What is the level of teachers' stereotypic belief (conception) of the sources of adolescent storm and stress?
* Are the level of adolescent storm and stress and the level of the teachers' stereotypic belief about the sources of these behaviors related in any meaningful way?
* Do the three components of the adolescent storm and stress, jointly and independently, predict the stereotypic belief of the teachers significantly?
The first was designed to gather information on the level of adolescent storm and stress as observed by respondents.
They are the measures of teachers' conception of sources of adolescent storm and stress. The teachers were asked, in the directions, to rate these words highly true = 5 points, true = 4 points, undecided = 3 points, false = 2 points, and highly false = 1 point to indicate the extent to which they attribute the stormy and stressful behaviors in the first instrument to these judgmental words.