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But then, neither does the would-be Story-Teller sound very simply confessional: unlike the orphaned Story-Teller, the fatherless Hawthorne was surrounded by fostering females; and his Uncle Robert may have offered a more seriously oedipal challenge than any cushion-thumping parson.
As the editors clearly explain in their introductory chapter, The Story-Teller has been placed at the beginning of their selection since it conneets the first three series of fairy tales.
JV is an amazing entertainer, he has a stunning voice, and he's a hilarious story-teller.'' It takes place at 7.30pm this Saturday at Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Street, Huddersfield.
The One-Eyed Bagman is a story-teller in which novel by Charles Dickens?
The privilege I have of being able to earn my living as an actor and story-teller is made, however, even more pleasing when I feel am also able to give something back.
George will be remembered with great fondness as a handball player, organizer, story-teller, but most of all as a true gentlemen and friend.
There will be a falconry show, while children can be a prince or princess for the day, dress up in costumes, listen to a story-teller and try out sword-fighting, juggling and archery.
fitting testament to Crichton, whose ability as a story-teller is going to be sadly missed by fans of science fiction around the world.
And we're starting our collection off with Starring Tracy Beaker, followed by The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch, The Monster Story-Teller, Cliffhanger, Buried Alive!, The Suitcase Kid and Glubbslyme.
Celebrated story-teller Chris Bostock and musician Ken Patterson present music, song, story and visual surprises to celebrate the coming of spring ( six and over.
Gregory is an irresistible story-teller and the tales of internecine squabbles, battles, intrigues, and cruelty never lack interest.
Maquire is a superb story-teller, capable of reeling off detail after detail so his fantasy seems real and his story becomes a parable about our own world, but the reader will miss much of the richness of this tale without reading the first novel.