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Nell is a passionate promoter of storytelling as a vibrant, contemporary performance art: a totally accessible art form for all people under all circumstances everywhere in the world.
Karen Handley, customer relationship manager at Anya Court, said: "This was a perfect opportunity to join forces with both the Rainbows group and our residents to celebrate National Storytelling Week.
The five storytellers will take us to Ireland via musical storytelling on Thursday and Saturday at 8pm.
Only workshop participants, who have not won in any previous storytelling contest, were eligible to join the competition.
Why do certain forms of storytelling seem to persist regardless of platform?
Finally, the text illustrates how we worked on visibilisation within an infrastructure where digital storytelling has become as much a tool for expression and recognition as a method and posture of research.
This night is set to be a fund-raising event forthe storytelling nights that should be held in Qena, Upper Egypt from April 30 through May 3.
Oral storytelling is a skill that benefits language and writing skills and this first-rate book demonstrates how that can be applied in a multi-language setting.
With an aim to keeping the tradition of storytelling alive, CAP endeavours to recreate the tradition of the QissaKhawani Bazaar, which means 'Storytelling Market'.
Throughout history, storytelling has been used to share knowledge, wisdom, and values.
The project became a chance for young people to get involved in the festival by exploring and experiencing storytelling through WORKSHOPs and performances.
Written for anyone in leadership, this book will show you how to master the craft of effective business storytelling whether it's to engage employees to adopt a new strategy, attract new clients or to win a lucrative contract.