Straight Line

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straight line

[′strāt ¦līn]
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Straight Line


a fundamental concept of geometry. In the systematic formulation of geometry, the straight line is usually taken as one of the initial concepts, which can be defined only indirectly by the axioms of geometry. If the concept of distance between points in space is used as the basis for the construction of a geometric system, the straight line can be defined as the curve along which the distance between two points is smallest.

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A E F H I K L M N T V W X Y Z 3 4 3 3 1 3 2 4 3 2 2 4 2 3 3 Here are 20 words with the greatest number of straight lines:
Straight line drive coordinated control is referring to the use of control strategy and control method, ensuring the coordinated operation of multiple wheel motor in different driving conditions, rectifying the deviation of the chassis real time, to further develop the hydraulic motor independent drive and control advantages, and making hydraulic wheel drive vehicles have excellent driving performance.
Should you encounter a situation like this, we suggest that you document it, as you normally would, including all the equations you test, but remark that you have accepted the straight line with the assumption that the random errors in the method explain the small difference.
Points A([x.sub.1], [y.sub.1]) and B([x.sub.2], [y.sub.2]) are on a straight line while points C([x.sub.3], [y.sub.3]) and D([x.sub.4], [y.sub.4]) are on another straight line.
We get fitting straight lines [L.sub.1] from the straight line angle [beta] and [P.sub.a].
The latest research, done at an exhibition centre in Bordeaux, involved 15 blindfolded subjects with devices strapped to them to measure muscle strength and usage being set loose in the large empty room and told to try to walk in a straight line. Half of them wandered off to the left, 39 per cent veered to the right and 11pc went more or less straight.
But every curve can be achieved by aiming along a straight line at a particular area just uphill of the hole.
Methods using one image usually utilize the fact that at the perspective projection (assumption in many models) the ideal image of the straight line in space is straight line.
Whimsey meets comfy on Straight Line Designs' Canned Seat.
The data presented are consistent with a straight line from below ambient levels (an acute deficiency of ionizing radiation) to an optimum level.
The C12RSH straight line ripsaw from Cantek features a cast chain track that runs on double V-guide rails for straight-line cutting.
This is true, but the statement that these satellites never form "a straight line in space with Jupiter" is incorrect.