Straight Line

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straight line

[′strāt ¦līn]

Straight Line


a fundamental concept of geometry. In the systematic formulation of geometry, the straight line is usually taken as one of the initial concepts, which can be defined only indirectly by the axioms of geometry. If the concept of distance between points in space is used as the basis for the construction of a geometric system, the straight line can be defined as the curve along which the distance between two points is smallest.

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Stitch between two straight lines, then stitch a curvy line, come to a point, then curve back to the space between the next two lines.
Should you encounter a situation like this, we suggest that you document it, as you normally would, including all the equations you test, but remark that you have accepted the straight line with the assumption that the random errors in the method explain the small difference.
Method is based on the iterative correction of coordinates of selected points of the distorted straight lines.
c) there are at least a straight line and a point exterior to it in this space for which any line that passes through the point intersects the initial line; [0 parallels]
The straight line should extend approximately six feet or less.
The straight line looks like a pen, and letters are written with a pen.
1250 property and would appear to meet the recapture rules, as the bonus depreciation deductions would exceed those allowed under the straight line method.
If a person can see the final destination, he or she will walk in a straight line to the destination.
IT would be misleading, wrong even, to draw a straight line between the word "producer" and the word "money" where film in Canada is concerned.
This activity requires a single untied Raccoon Circle, stretched into a straight line.
In this projection, the prime meridian is a straight line, but all other lines of longitude are curved.