Straight Line

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straight line

[′strāt ¦līn]

Straight Line


a fundamental concept of geometry. In the systematic formulation of geometry, the straight line is usually taken as one of the initial concepts, which can be defined only indirectly by the axioms of geometry. If the concept of distance between points in space is used as the basis for the construction of a geometric system, the straight line can be defined as the curve along which the distance between two points is smallest.

References in classic literature ?
The term parallax proving "caviare to the general," they further explained that it meant the angle formed by the inclination of two straight lines drawn from either extremity of the earth's radius to the moon.
The prairie, across which the sledge was moving in a straight line, was as flat as a sea.
The deepened marks in the nose, and the lengthening of the fine straight lines in the cruel face, looked ominous as to that; the uncle made a graceful gesture of protest, which was so clearly a slight form of good breeding that it was not reassuring.
Thus, in the Town, one descended in a straight line from the Porte Saint-Antoine to the Porte Saint-Honoré; in the University from the Porte Saint-Victor to the Porte Saint-Germain.
Be it so," replied the cardinal; and walking in a straight line he went to the wall, at the foot of which they all four arrived at the same instant.
To coast round their southern points would be a wide circuit; whereas, could they force their way through them, they might proceed in a straight line.
The doctor took an accurate design of these mountains, which form four distinct ridges almost in a straight line, the northernmost being the longest.
Behind him, across the sea, was that one straight line of grey merging into silver.
The distance in a straight line to Buenos Ayres is very nearly five hundred British miles.
Now that Martin was aroused in such matters, he swiftly noted the difference between the baggy knees of the trousers worn by the working class and the straight line from knee to foot of those worn by the men above the working class.
It drove along in a straight line, incapable of guidance.
brought him out of the straight line to stand near her, and make enquiries in return, in spite of the formidable father and sister in the back ground.