Strait of Hormuz

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Hormuz, Strait of


(also Strait of Ormuz), a strait between the Arabian Peninsula and mainland Asia, connecting the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The strait is approximately 150 km long and is 55.6 km wide at its narrowest point. The shallowest depth in the navigational channel is 71 m. The Iranian port of Bandar Abbas is on the strait.

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Despite sharing a boarder, the UAE escaped relatively lightly and Gupta says it is the narrow Straight of Hormuz that is to thank for the near miss.
Hence, Tehran insists on reinforcing its regime and its positions near and far with a number of realistic elements (shutting down the Straight of Hormuz and threatening the routes of oil supply, Hezbollah in Lebanon, etc.) as well as hypothetical ones (nuclear weapons).
Barnes WASHINGTON--A group of small Iranian boats charged and threatened three US warships just outside the Persian Gulf, military officials said Monday, elevating tensions and illustrating how easily a military confrontation could develop between US and Iranian forces.The five Iranian boats approached the warships Sunday as they passed through the Straight of Hormuz on their way into the [Arabian] Gulf.
The drills, known as ( Velayat 95 , spanned an estimated 770,000 square miles across the Straight of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman and the northern stretch of the Indian Ocean.
Since there is no ongoing dialogue between the US and Iran, the threat to close the Straight of Hormuz should be seen as an act of subtle diplomacy in the absence of ambassadors and embassies.