Strait of Messina

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Messina, Strait of,

channel, c.20 mi (32 km) long and from 2 to 10 mi (3.2–16 km) wide, separating the Italian peninsula from Sicily and connecting the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. Reggio di Calabria, SW Italy, and Messina, NE Sicily, are the main ports. A ferry crosses the dangerous waters of the strait from Messina to Villa San Giovanni. The currents, whirlpools, and winds of the strait, which still hamper navigation, gave rise in ancient times to many legends about its dangers to navigators (see ScyllaScylla
, in Greek mythology. 1 Sea monster. According to one legend Circe, jealous of the sea god Glaucus' love for Scylla, changed her from a beautiful nymph into a horrible doglike creature with six heads and twelve feet; according to another, Amphitrite, jealous of
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Messina, Strait of


a strait between the Apennine peninsula and the island of Sicily, which connects the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian seas. Length, about 40 km; width, 3.5–22 km; minimum depth, 115m. The Strait of Messina is known for the strong Scylla and Charybdis whirlpools. The ports of Messina and Reggio di Calabria (Italy) are situated on the strait.

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In the spring of 2007, large piles of empty shells were observed along the Sicily side of the Strait of Messina that allowed a timely documentation of a potential mass mortality event, which was preliminarily surveyed by SCUBA divers at 12 sites along 10 km of coast (Fig.
One can recall indeed that the chimera of a bridge spanning the Strait of Messina between Sicily and mainland Italy got number one in the list of the TEN-T priority' projects.
Ulysses had to choose which monster was worse when he passed through the Strait of Messina.
escort readers along the path of the First Canadian Division from the landing beaches in Sicily, through the island's interior, and across the Strait of Messina into southern Italy.
4 billion pound) two-and-a-half mile long bridge across the Strait of Messina is too costly and have also questioned the wisdom of building it in a region that is prone to earthquakes.
He was also to protect Montgomery's left flank while the British swept northeast up the coast to cut off an Axis escape through the Strait of Messina, which separated Sicily from mainland Italy.
We had a very good first day, and we got through the Strait of Messina pretty well, so we were optimistic.
Then I sailed across the Ionian Sea, through the Strait of Messina, to Naples.
And for more than 30 years he was engrossed with the design of the Strait of Messina crossing which has a central span of 3,300 metres.
One then had to face the Strait of Messina, where, as Ibn Jubayr said, 'the sea bursts like a dam and boils like a cauldron'.
While the numbers game in Asia is as fraught with its own kind of risks as was navigation by ancient mariners of the Strait of Messina between the twin perils of Scylla and Charybdis, clearly, something is happening in Asia.