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(străth'klīd`) [Gaelic,=Clyde valley], one of several early medieval Celtic or Welsh kingdoms in present-day S Scotland and N England. Strathclyde was in SW Scotland. To the east was the kingdom of Manaw Gododdin and to the south, Rheged. Little is known of the history of Strathclyde and the other Welsh (Cumbrian) kingdoms. The origin of Strathclyde is uncertain, but there is evidence that the kingdom had been consolidated by the middle of the 5th cent. In 945, King Edmund of Wessex defeated Strathclyde and awarded it to King Malcolm of Scotland; however, Scotland did not permanently absorb the kingdom until the 11th cent. The reason for the disappearance of the ancient British language and culture in the kingdoms is not definitely known. DumbartonDumbarton
, town (1991 pop. 23,550), West Dunbartonshire, W Scotland, at the confluence of the Leven and Clyde rivers. It is a shipbuilding center (the Cutty Sark was fitted out there) and has engineering works. Whisky (distilling and blending) is a major industry.
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 was the principal town in Strathclyde.


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Finlay may have seen himself as the official artist of his own imaginary republic, but as chief executive of Strathclyde Regional Council, Saint-Just would have viewed him as an obstacle to progress and had him guillotined.
Parent Prompts, developed by Strathclyde Regional Council (1995), for example, were simple suggestions for how parents could raise questions during everyday activities - watching television shows, tidying up the kitchen or shopping.
The Scottish Arts Council and the Strathclyde Regional Council agreed to fund this undertaking, which became known as the "Strathclyde Project." Michael Tumelty hailed this project in the Glasgow Herald of 26 March 1987 as a cultural coup for the West of Scotland.
A three-point plan by Strathclyde Regional Council's Water Committee to make safe the Stanely Reservoir - where two youths had drowned in recent years - was drawn up in June 1976.
Labour must also take responsibility for not modernising the janitorial role for at least 25 years, since the days of the old Strathclyde Regional Council."
Strathclyde Regional Council announced more than PS1 million was to be put into 15 community projects in some of Lanarkshire's most deprived areas.
Park Lodge, which had facilities for up to 20 young people, was run by the old Strathclyde Regional Council at the time.
But my solicitor contacted the council, at the time Strathclyde Regional Council, and they confirmed in writing they had adopted it."
Even Strathclyde Regional Council, once the largest civic authority in Europe, considered trying to dampen things down.
Things actually were improving and it was becoming a better place to stay.'' In 1990, Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Regional Council decided to put on cultural events throughout the year rather than in a concentrated arts season.
Some claim it makes Strathclyde Regional Council look exciting.
Strathclyde Regional Council agreed to open an enterprise workshop - where new businesses could be fostered and developed - in Ferguslie Park.

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