Stratigraphic Correlation

Correlation, Stratigraphic


comparison of layers of sedimentary and igneous rock of the same age and relating them to subdivisions on a single stratigraphic scale. The comparison may cover sections taken from different boreholes in single oil-bearing areas or sections from boreholes in separate deposits (coals, salts), as well as large areas and even several continents (telecorrelation and intercontinental correlation). Correlation uses all possible methods of comparison—logging data, tracing of marker beds and their particular layering, biostratigraphic methods, and isotope determinations of the age of rocks. As a result of correlation a stratigraphic chart is compiled. In the left part of the chart subdivisions of a single stratigraphic scale are drawn and, in the right part, a stratigraphic scheme of deposits encountered in the region being studied.

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In the North Viking Graben, some older sands were wrongly assigned to be the Agat Formation, but closer examination of the age and composition enabled them to be reassigned and a better stratigraphic correlation was achieved between wells and seismic.
Stratigraphic correlation shows that the thickness of Upper Gorn Formation is decreasing towards North.
Subjects covered in the text include the internal architecture of volcanic gas reservoirs, volcanic rock sequence division and stratigraphic correlation, identification and prediction of volcanic facies, lithological identification and prediction of volcanic rock, and many others.
The present research was aimed at introducing Late Permian brachiopods in stratigraphic section so as to determine their age and stratigraphic correlation as well as stratigraphically examining the value of recognizing brachiopod fossils (Figure 2).
The study was comprehensive and encompassed new petrophysical evaluation of wells, identification of oil and gas pay, stratigraphic correlation, reservoir characterization and petroleum reservoir engineering with seismic interpretation, mapping and depth conversion of 3D seismic data within the R3/R1 Lease and adjacent areas.
Stratigraphic correlation using the records of remnant magnetic polarity has been done extensively in the Late Cenozoic Siwalik Group of the Potwar Plateau of Pakistan.
The issue around the specific stratigraphic correlation is a relatively minor one and the correlation may be valid on other grounds.
Geological Time Actualism Rock Cycle Lithification: Sediment vs Sedimentary rock Original Horizontality of Strata Lateral Continuity of Strata Superposition of Strata Cross-cutting Relationships Principle of Inclusions Biological Evolution, Index Fossils Stratigraphic Correlation
Establishing the stratigraphic range of both species would allow a more precise stratigraphic correlation of the lowermost Lower Cambrian rocks between East European and North Americam cratons.
Stratigraphic correlation of Seelyville, Devoken and Davis Coals of Illinois, Indiana and western Kentucky.
The quartzites have been positively identified as Witwatersrand rocks, both through stratigraphic correlation and age dating analysis.