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see cloudcloud,
aggregation of minute particles of water or ice suspended in the air. Formation of Clouds

Clouds are formed when air containing water vapor is cooled below a critical temperature called the dew point and the resulting moisture condenses into droplets on
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A principal cloud type predominantly stratiform, in the form of a gray or whitish layer of patch, which nearly always has dark parts.

stratocumulus (Sc)

Low clouds that form large, heavy rolls or elongated globular masses arranged in long, gray parallel bands that usually cover most of the sky. See cloud classification.


Meteorol a uniform stretch of cloud containing dark grey globular masses
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Randall (1980) and Deardorff (1980) hypothesized that if the inversion stratification above the stratocumulus cloud top satisfies [DELTA][[theta].
The "Main regional processes contributing to coupled climate model SST biases" section discusses regional error sources for the SST biases, selected for their perceived importance: the stratocumulus cloud deck, deep convection, oceanic eddies, surface winds, and model resolution.
Zheng, 2010: Southeast Pacific stratocumulus clouds, precipitation and boundary layer structure sampled along 20 s during VOCALS-REx.
Sandu, 2008: Relationship between drizzle rate, liquid water path and droplet concentration at the scale of a stratocumulus cloud system.
In the specific context of the eastern Pacific climate, modeling has shown that stratocumulus cloud decks are essential for key features, such as the asymmetry about the equator in SST and precipitation and an annual cycle dominated by the semiannual component (Philander et al.
I've been having a recurring dream of me driving up a mountainside, all the way up to a grassy flat under a clear, blue sky, or maybe a sky filled with cumulus or stratocumulus clouds.
About two hours, steaming distance from the target a few stratocumulus clouds started drifting from the west giving a ghostly appearance to the hull of the ships in the murky light that filtered through.
Rather than seeding storm clouds or hurricanes directly, the idea is to target marine stratocumulus clouds, which cover an estimated quarter of the world's oceans, to prevent hurricanes from forming.
During much of year, only small amounts of cumulus (puffy clouds) and stratocumulus clouds form with a higher base but these clouds increase during winter.
If stratus clouds clump into dark, rounded clouds, fetch your raincoat, too, because heavier rain is probable with these stratocumulus clouds.
By blasting seawater droplets into the air from wind-powered ships, they believe stratocumulus clouds could be made thick and white enough to bounce more solar radiation back into space to change the earth's temperature.