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A volcano constructed of lava and pyroclastics, deposited in alternating layers. Also known as composite volcano.



(also composite volcano), a volcano whose cone is composed of alternating flows of hardened lava and lava fragments (blocks, bombs, lapilli) that have become cemented together and turned into tuff.

Stratovolcanoes are formed during the outpouring of lavas and during volcanic eruptions. Many have a conical shape and range in elevation from several hundred meters to several kilometers. The slopes of the cone are relatively steep at the peak and flatten out toward the foot. The crater is in the form of a depression that ranges in diameter from several dozen meters to 2–3 km. Examples of stratovolcanoes include Kliuchevskaia Sopka and Kar-ymskaia Sopka of Kamchatka (USSR) and Mount Fuji (Japan).

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