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It's a hybrid building technique that makes use of the best of both cob and straw bale construction, resulting in beautiful, natural, functional buildings.
Davison, "Determining moisture levels in straw bale construction," Procedia Engineering, vol.
Historical straw bale construction workshop - Registration is underway for a free three-day workshop that opens Friday at 120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., site of Mahonia, a straw bale construction project.
Straw bale construction a revolutionary building material in low cost housing for rural areas, International Jounal of Recent Advances in Multidiscilinary Research 2(7): 583-587.
It should be to create a purposeful design and plan for the new building according to a bio-ecological straw bale construction technique based on the program of requirements, and to achieve this then.
(Straw has other uses--mulch, animal bedding and erosion control, to name a few.) I began researching straw bale construction because of the excellent insulating value of bales (R-33) and its local availability.
Now thoroughly caught up with the art and craft of building, Omlor decided to try her hand at straw bale construction. Her first attempt, a little chapel, is still in use at the Spencer site and is part of a small ecological retreat center.
Consumers, especially since the 1990s, have been looking for natural, sustainable building materials, and consequently straw bale construction has been revived.
Turek transplanted to Arkansas six years ago from the Florida Panhandle, where he had begun to develop an interest in alternative construction methods that started with straw bale construction and led to others such as earth block, adobe, cob and rammed earth.
Building with Straw Bales: A Practical Guide for the UK and Ireland appears in a revised, updated edition and actually is a key pick for any straw bale construction collection no matter where in the world it's located.
Among those steps is mastering a whole variety of new skills--things like straw bale construction, vermicomposting, making yogurt, starting sourdough, preserving food, keeping chickens.
Speakers will present the latest information on geothermal heat pump systems, straw bale construction, healthy housing and solar thermal heating.