Strazdas, Antanas

Strazdas, Antanas


Born Feb. 27 (Mar. 9), 1760, in the village of Astravas, now the village of Margénai, Rokiskis Raion; died Apr. 11 (23), 1833, in Kamajai, now in Rokiskis Raion. Lithuanian poet.

Strazdas attended the University of Vilnius and graduated from the Varniai Theological Seminary in 1789. He published the collection Songs Secular and Spiritual in 1814. Strazdas’ poems are antifeudal in nature. Close to folklore in form, many of them have become folk songs.


Giesmiè apie siratas. Vilnius, 1974.
In Russian translation:
Zapevaiu ne dlia slavy. Vilnius, 1955.
Pesni. Moscow, 1958.


Vanagas, V. Antanas Strazdas. Vilnius, 1968.