Stream Capture

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stream capture

[′strēm ‚kap·chər]
(aerospace engineering)

Stream Capture


(also stream piracy), the capture by one stream of the drainage of a nearby stream flowing in a higher set valley. The morphological characteristics of stream capture are a sharp turn in a stream and a current in the captured sector that sometimes flows counter to the slope of the terrain. Stream capture is common in mountains.

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Specifically, Prism's new enhancements include analysis of PTP (precision time protocol) synchronisation timing, support for SMPTE ST 2022-7 redundancy and the IGMP V3 protocol, new API (application programming interface) support for easy systems integration into network management systems, as well as IP stream capture for deep-dive analysis.
This suggests that stream capture in the area likely accounts for the presence of this fish, however biogeographic patterns are difficult to discern when compared with other patterns observed in the region.
I examine stream capture from a technological perspective and
suitable, or [2] possibly stream capture by drainages in close proximity
All we've seen so far has been a lot of click stream capture and analysis--am I the only one to see a bit of misplaced hope, hype, and voodoo in this?
Acquisition of stream capture equipment related additional services, under the management of the computer network of health insurance.
rtva system consists of a program stream capture system , storage system , the streaming system , as well as indexing and management system.
RTVA system consists of a program stream capture system, storage system, the streaming system, as well as indexing and management system.